We've invested a lot in our EMR and interfaces, but clinicians still complain

Quality of care depends on complete and accurate data in the EMR AND on clinicians being able to find that data.  Having better data in right places the EMR helps with clinician satisfaction as well as it decreases frustration and time wasted looking for needed information.  Much of the data your clinicians need comes from external organizations.  Much of it cannot be interfaced.  So, you are left with the frustrating feeling that you've invested a lot in your EMR, Document Management System, and interfaces, but these investments don't seem to help your clinicians the way they are supposed to.  So what options do you have? 

Extract can help to solve the these common problems:

Make external data readily available in your EMR

Enhance your current IT investments

Get documents out of "Media/Documents" tab

One platform for all document handling needs