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  1. Extract was established in 1998

  2. Extract is headquartered in Madison, WI

  3. Extract began as a startup from the University of Wisconsin, Weinert School of Entrepreneurial Studies

  4. In both 2000 and 2001, our software IcoMap won Governor’s New Product Awards

  5. Extract won the first major public redaction RFP dated December 1, 2004 in State of Florida

  6. Extract got its current name February 18, 2005 after rebranding from UCLID Software, Inc.

  7. ID Shield won Wisconsin’s Society of Professional Engineers 2007 Governor’s New Product Award – First Place

  8. First Secretary of State implements ID Shield in 2007

  9. In 2008, Montgomery County, OH becomes the first court in the country to implement automated redaction technology

  10. Waukesha County, WI is first Register of Deeds to implement Extract’s Auto-indexing technology

  11. UW Hospital becomes first hospital to implement Extract’s LabDE product in 2012

  12. Our hummingbird logo is representative of the data we extract from documents in the same way a hummingbird extracts nectar from a flower

  13. Extract has automatically redacted over 4 billion pages with zero reported data privacy breaches

  14. Extract has served over 400 customers

  15. Extract’s software is being utilized in 38 states across the United States

  16. Extract has been under the leadership of current president David Rasmussen for 17 years

  17. Invited by National Center for State Courts to provide redaction benchmarks with the advent of Artificial Intelligence

  18. Extract started providing services under its HealthyData platform to its first customer, Hurley Medical Center, in 2016

  19. In 2017, we implemented machine learning as a major component of our automation software

  20. Extract’s HealthyData Platform became a part of Epic’s App Orchard healthcare application database in 2018


Redaction is where we got our start.  And in the 20 years that we’ve been in business we’ve redacted over four billion pages without a single reported privacy breach.

That many documents would span all the way from Madison, WI to the International Space Station (with a couple of miles to spare, too!)

The product has evolved over the course of our history.  We’ve been able to use the lessons we’ve learned working in healthcare capturing data to strengthen our offering for government redaction and indexing.

So now, we offer an automated redaction solution that can route your documents where they need to go, achieve accuracy rates of over 99%, and protect peoples’ identities.

You can learn more about our Redaction Services here.


Data extraction is more than just delivering data to where it needs to be.  It's finding more accurate data to create better treatment decisions. It’s freeing up data entry staff. It’s allowing for faster diagnoses. We’re proud of saving healthcare organizations money, but what we really value is allowing healthcare professionals to be able to spend more time with their patients, and less time searching for data.

You can learn more about our Extraction Services here.


We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our customers.  They’ve brought us the interesting challenges that they face in providing excellent healthcare and protecting their citizens’ data.  These challenges inspire us to deliver software that makes a tangible impact on the quality of their work.  We’ve encouraged our customers to share their experiences, and a few representative samples can be found below.


We certainly haven't been writing blogs for the entirety of our 20 year history, but since we've been writing them, we've seen that you've noticed.  While topics come and go (our article about the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy from this summer feels like it was written years ago now!), there have been certain topics that have stuck out and have brought readers back again and again.  Below are a few of our most read blogs that we hope you'll find interesting.

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