We need more consistent, accurate, and complete data for care and measures

Quality of care depends on complete and accurate data.  Care coordination depends on data being available in a format that can be shared and seen in the context of other relevant information.  Meeting clinical quality measure requirements (and maximizing incentive payments) depends on complete and accurate data as well.  Much of the data you need comes from external organizations.  Much of it cannot be interfaced.  Often, it arrives via fax and breaks down your ability to get and share information contained therein.  It also breaks down your staff as they struggle try to find what they need.  So what options do you have? 

Extract can help to automate the following so that you get the information you need from these faxes and scanned documents.  It also automates the handling and filing of that data and documents into the EMR so your clinicians can use it to make better care decisions and your organization has it readily available for reporting.

Get discrete clinical date out of faxes

Receive data you need for research and reporting

Ensure better care coordination

File documents into EMR consistently with speed