Automated Document Indexing can save you money.

Advanced data capture and document processing allows you to process more structured and unstructured documents with fewer staff by accurately capturing up to 90% of the required fields. This increased efficiency saves money and eliminates backlogs. Greater data entry speed and predictability reduces the need to add staff and address workflow peaks.

Designed for easy integration with all commercial and proprietary systems, Extract can be customized for your unique indexing standards, documents, workflow, and business requirements. Learn more about how Extract can streamline your organizations process and save you even more time and money, by redacting data within the same workflow.


How our extremely accurate data capture technology works.

document input

Extract's Automated Document Indexing accommodates scanning, image loads from watched folders or FTP-servers and automated capture of email attachments. Loaded or scanned images can be improved before processing with tools that rotate, deskew, despeckle, etc.


Documents are automatically classified based on content and processed according to document type. Multi-page documents can be paginated. Documents can be routed based on classifications. This technology may be used for disparate documents coming into a fax server that are then routed to the correct workflow, or routed to a particular staff person.

The software incorporates the World's #1 OCR toolkit, Nuance OmniPage with OCR (OCR, OCR-A, OCR-B, MICR) for machine printed text, ICR (Handprint), OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and barcode (1D and 2D) recognition engines. 

Next, rules based on logic is applied. Unique data capture rules can be applied based on document type.

To minimize human verification, Extract can electronically verify captured data through:

Automated Document Indexing User Interface Image
  • Comparison against databases
  • Conformity with built-in validation rules
  • Application of other user-defined checks


For manual validation of recognition results, Extract offers a user interface that drives fast and accurate verification.


Processed documents, now converted into accurately captured data fields, are sent to your designated document, case or record management system/database. Anywhere you specify, Extract enables different destinations for data and images and can output images as searchable PDFs.


Extract's Automated Document Indexing includes administrator tools to manage user rights, check event logs, view standard reports, and generate custom performance reports.