Capture Data Automatically from Unstructured Documents

Extract's intelligent platform allows your organization to automate your workflow. Whether extracting data from unstructured medical records, purchase orders, or government documents, our platform gets the job done quickly and accurately. Not only can we automatically extract information, but we can also output the data into a final destination of your organization's choosing, enabling easier search capabilities. 

unstructured documents Extract can work with

Our platform can extract data from the following unstructured documents (but not limited to):

  • Medical Records
  • Lab Results
  • Pathology Reports
  • Case Files
  • Court Records
  • Land Records
  • Purchase Orders

How Our Intelligent Data Extraction Works

Extract Data Step 1 Illustration

Step 1:

Extract "reads" unstructured documents, looks for clues identifying the document and actionable data it contains.

Extract Data Step 2 Illustration

step 2:

Automatically separates, organizes, and classifies each document.

Extract data step 3 illustration

Step 3

Captures desired data and transforms it into a compatible output.

extract data step 4

Step 4:

Enables easier search so that data can be analyzed, trended, reported, and exchanged,


A Superior Intelligent Data Extraction Solution

Extract provides the fastest, most accurate automated data extraction and classification of unstructured documents. Our platform also provides the fastest, most detailed, and most accurate automated document indexing to save your organization time and money.

We provide guaranteed post-verification accuracy when using our universal ruleset. Our customizable ruleset supports data extraction from all documents accurately and efficiently. If you would like a more custom approach, Extract's intelligent capture rules can be tailored for your organization's document types. 

Our platform's architecture boasts near linear scalability and our system performance analytics database and reports. Extract also monitors and sends out Smart Alert System Notifications™, to keep your organization performing at its peak potential.


See for yourself why more and more organizations are using Extract. 

Data Extraction Superior comparison chart

"Extract has allowed us to capture lab results data through an automated process. We have been able to standardize our workflow and decrease clerical errors."

-Lori Heinen,
 LIS Project Manager, Aurora Health care

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